Kent Wood

Kent Wood

Company: Pivot Bio

Job title: Director, Plant Biology


Kent Wood is the Director of Plant Biology at Pivot Bio, an innovative agriculture technology company that identifies and fine-tunes microbes with the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen for use by cereal crops. At Pivot Kent is responsible for testing microbial candidates for efficacy. Much of this work is centered around the evaluation of microbes’ ability to populate the rhizosphere and to transfer nitrogen to the developing plant. Prior to joining Pivot Bio, Kent held the position of scientist at DuPont Pioneer. At DuPont Pioneer Kent first worked to develop plants with increased nitrogen use efficiency. He was later involved in the discovery and validation of microbes with the potential to increase plant productivity, working in a group responsible for trait phenotyping in controlled environments and in the field.

Kent received his BS in Genetics from the University of Georgia, and later his PhD in Genetics and Genomics from Duke University. His postdoctoral experience focused on increasing nitrogen uptake and assimilation in plants.


Redesigning Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Cereal Crops 2:15 pm

• Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) by plant-associated microbes can provide a sustainable and efficient source of nitrogen for crop plants; however, high levels of nitrogen fertilizer in agricultural soils has resulted in the repression of BNF • Pivot Bio have remodelled the regulatory nodes that repress nitrogen fixation to restore BNF in root-associated diazotrophs •…Read more

day: Day Two

Industry Leaders Panel Discussion 9:00 am

• What is the status of this field, firstly from a scientific perspective and secondly, from a product development perspective? • Plotting the road to success: what is our end goal, what are the applications of the industry’s R&D efforts and what hurdles must be overcome to get there? • What are the most promising…Read more

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