Maximizing Grower Adoption of Novel, Scientifically Validated Agbiologics that are Conducive to Scaled Up Fermentation, Optimizing Soil Health and Transforming Crop Yield, Sustainability Goals & Commercial Outcomes

Welcome to the 7th Microbiome Movement: AgBioTech Summit

With a continued demand for sustainable and effective farming technologies, and notable regulatory awareness, including the Plant Biostimulant Act and the EPA’s chlorpyrifos ban, the agbiologic space is facing promising enlightenment.

However, manufacturing scalability, market access and regulatory approval remain restrictive bottlenecks in the pipeline of agbiological development. There is also a need for enhanced collaboration between agbiologic developers, distribution networks and growers themselves to maximize adoption of novel technologies.

There are compelling reasons for the industry to regroup at the 7th Microbiome Movement AgBioTech Summit to create valuable partnerships and turn a pipeline dream into efficacious, stable and consistently performing agbiologics for growers, while striving for a more sustainable future.

Developed alongside key industry thought leaders from Corteva, Novozymes, AgBiome, 3BarBiologics, Nutrien and more, this year’s meeting will be your most comprehensive guide for collaboratively addressing key industry challenges and hearing cutting-edge insights to drive future agbiologic development.

Our 2023 Speaker Faculty Includes:

Eugene Kelly

Professor of Pedology

Colorado State University

Farzaneh Rezaei

Director of Formulation and Fermentation

Pivot Bio

Sarah McHatton

Director of BioAg Application Research


Terry Stone

Global Regulatory and Biologicals Leader


Amit Vasavada


Marrone Bio Innovations

Ryan Bond

Senior Director of Global Proprietary Business Development and Innovation

Nutrien Ag Solutions

Subray Hedge

Director of Biotechnology Risk Analysis Programs


Toni Bucci



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“The summit is a terrific opportunity to learn about new technology advancements, meet the companies and researches engaged in such activities and keep abreast of industry trends.”



“Possibly the best conference in the agricultural microbiome space - a great mix of basic scientific research and product development from universities, multinationals and start-up companies"


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