Welcome to the 5th Microbiome Movement – AgBioTech Summit

The 2021 version of this event has run.
If you are interested in the 2022 event, please get in touch at info@hansonwade.com.

The 5th Microbiome Movement – AgBioTech Summit returns digitally to fuel the future discovery, development and market delivery of scientifically-driven AgBiologicals that successfully tap into the plant-soil microbiome.

The discussion will focus on four main areas:

  • Basic science and mechanisms – further your understanding of the basic principles behind plant-soil microbial interactions as leading academic researchers from Rutgers University, UCLA, The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research amongst others provide insights!
  • Translation and product scale-up – Leverage insights to improve the fermentation, formulation and commercialization of your product into effective and successful products. 3Bar Biologics, Bayer Crop Science, BioConsortia and more discuss how to successfully move from the lab to the field.
  • Regulatory approval – Delve into the complexities of the regulatory landscape to understand the current state of play in the USA, as well as across the globe, and what data you need to show to achieve approval with Corteva Agriscience, Sidley Austin LLC and Valent Bioscience
  • Hear the end-user insights – hear thoughts of the end-user to incorporate their thoughts on microbial-based  products to improve innovation and your product portfolio

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Sneak Peek - Conference Day One


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Highlights from Microbiome Movement- AgBiotech Summit 2019

“The summit is a terrific opportunity to learn about new technology advancements, meet the companies and researches engaged in such activities and keep abreast of industry trends.”


“Possibly the best conference in the agricultural microbiome space - a great mix of basic scientific research and product development from universities, multinationals and start-up companies"