Welcome to the Microbiome Movement – AgBioTech Summit

With a growing global population, food shortages, and a volatile agriculture market, critical action is needed to make crop production more sustainable. As such, microbial-based product developers continue to demonstrate the functional role of the plant-soil microbiome as a source of novel agbiologicals. Despite this progress, the vast potential to develop stable and effective agbiologicals that target microbial crop protection mechanisms remains limited by the complex challenges in developing them.

Encapsulating the excitement and key learnings of this space, the Microbiome Movement – Agbiotech unites the largest agbiological community of ag strategic companies, biotechs, solution providers and academics. This forum is dedicated to advancing plant-soil microbe discovery strategies into the next generation of commercially successful products with predictable modes of action, consistent performance and increased yield for crop agriculture.


Key topics in 2020 included:

  • Uncovering pioneering discoveries on plant-soil microbiome functionality
  • Leveraging big data platforms to deduce causality
  • Overcoming formulation and fermentation challenges at scale
  • Applying digital agtech to maximize data outputs of greenhouse & field trials
  • Overcoming regulatory hurdles to streamline your product development efforts
  • Raising capital to accelerate microbiome focused agbiological platforms
  • Forging strategic collaborations to drive the future of agbiological development


The fabric of sustainable crop agriculture must urgently be shaped today. Make sure that microbial-based products are part of that fabric by joining your peers to discover and translate agbiologicals for transformed grower yield, sustainability and commercial outcomes.

Highlights from Microbiome Movement- AgBiotech Summit 2019

“The summit is a terrific opportunity to learn about new technology advancements, meet the companies and researches engaged in such activities and keep abreast of industry trends.”


“Possibly the best conference in the agricultural microbiome space - a great mix of basic scientific research and product development from universities, multinationals and start-up companies"