Poster Session

Excited About Your Research? So Are We!

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Taking place at 3:30 PM on Conference Day One, this Poster Session will be a chance for you to share what you’re currently working on, in order to:

  • Discuss with other leaders in the agricultural space, adopting insightful conversations
  • Hear feedback from others in the room, with opportunities to accelerate your work
  • Receive exposure for your work

This is your chance to take the spotlight and share your work on agbiologics formulation, experimentation, soil microbiome and related areas. Hear back from well-established companies in the industry on your technical and commercial strategy.

Using the link below, send us your poster abstract. All that’s needed is a short description, and we will confirm your poster submission once you’ve registered for the conference.

The poster session is reserved exclusively for big seed, biotechs, distributors and researchers, and will give you the chance to showcase your work.

*There is no additional charge, but we ask that poster displays are not used for sales or marketing purposes. All poster abstracts are subject to approval by the conference organizers.

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