February 26-28, 2019
Raleigh Durham, North Carolina
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Welcome to the 3rd Microbiome Movement AgBiotech 

The only end-to-end forum dedicated to helping the agriculture industry discover, develop and deliver more effective microbial-based biostimulant, biofungicide and biopesticide products to growers in need.

As demands for more cost-effective products and solutions for crop production continue to rise, novel approaches that harness the plant-soil microbiome are driving the future of increased productivity and sustainable agricultural practice.

A deepened understanding of the complex fundamental mechanisms of action has facilitated microbial product development. However, significant challenges remain in delivering agbiologicals that perform consistently and with added value, when benchmarked against their agchemical competitors.

Returning for the third year, the Microbiome Movement – AgBioTech Summit will help agbiotech, agrochemical companies and academics accelerate agbiological products across the value chain from product characterization, field trial testing and commercialization all the way to ultimate delivery into the hands of distributers and growers.

This is your opportunity to learn from the expertise of key opinion leaders and discover pioneering data driven case studies that showcase fundamental, field and formulation science. Uncover and forge the collaborations you need to develop effective and commercially successful microbial-derived products for agriculture.

There is no question that the second green revolution is in full swing. Join us to develop the next generation of microbial-derived products disrupting the agricultural industry for a better tomorrow.

Trish Kruk
Program Director
The Microbiome Movement

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