Steve Fritel

Steve Fritel

Company: East Barton Family Foods

Job title: Producer, Owner, Operator


Meet the Growers: Educating on Workflow & Application to Inform Your Products & Increase Chances of Adoption 9:01 am

Growers are looking to invest in products that are compatible with resources and current field applications, provide optimal yield and diversity – but what are the unexplored secrets? What tools and applications are currently being used in the field to promote crop growth? How do you find that balance between science and marketing to communicate…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Workshops

Panel Discussion: Navigating Successes & Challenges in Boosting Grower Adoption for Consumer- Ready Product Success 10:15 am

Unpacking grower priorities: insights into yield, diversity, and ROI to identify what good looks like Harnessing targeted data: illuminating soil microbiome insights for product-soil compatibility and grower satisfaction Investigating data needs: weather, soil, and crop variability for technical proficiency and concept validationRead more

day: Conference Day 1

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