8:30 am Morning Coffee

Exploring the Regulatory Landscape

9:00 am Molecular standards for bacterial species identification prior to field release in the United States in compliance with NEPA and the Plant Protection Ac

9:25 am Navigating the Regulatory Landscape to Commercialization


• Key regulatory triggers for microbiome products under federal pesticide law
• Recent trends in EPA regulation of agricultural products
• Practice Pointers to achieve product commercialization

9:50 am Evolving Biostimulant Global Regulatory Landscape

  • Terry Stone Global Regulatory Lead, Biologicals Porftolio, Corteva Agriscience


• Regulatory landscape for biostimulants in North America, EU, Brazil, Argentina, India and Australia
• Discussing policy updates
• Understanding regulatory challenges

10:20 am Understanding the Regulatory Considerations to Assist Product Development – Panel Discussion

  • Andrew Stewart Counsel , Sidley Austin LLC
  • Terry Stone Global Regulatory Lead, Biologicals Porftolio, Corteva Agriscience
  • Maria Herrero Director, Global Regulatory Affairs , Valent BioSciences
  • Chris Wozniak Biotechnology Special Assistant, US Environmental Protection Agency


• What are the product performance criteria and acceptance criteria?
• What claims can you make with your product? How do you balance innovation and strictness?

10:50 am Speed Networking

Utilizing Microbes for Improved Soil Health

11:35 am The Living Soil: How Microbes Contribute to Soil Health

  • Randy Martin Global Technical Development Specialist , Valent BioSciences


• Healthy soils are replete with a diverse and complex microbiome
• Soil microorganisms play an important role in nutrient cycling, aggregate stability, water infiltration, and carbon sequestration
• Traditional agricultural practices can deplete soil microbe communities, reducing soil fertility, and limiting agricultural production

12:00 pm Building a Functional Soil Metagenome to Impact Soil Health, Environmental Benefits & Crop Productivity

  • Paul Zorner Chief Agronomist , Locus Agricultural Solutions


• Complexity is good: A fully functional soil metagenome is important to fully functional soil health
• Diversity matters: Fungal to bacterial genome prevalence drives more productive soils
• No brown soil: Regenerative agricultural practices such as no-till and cover crops are essential to building and maintaining a functional soil

12:25 pm Supporting Chemical Innovation for Future Sustainable Agriculture by Investing in Soil Health

12:50 pm Lunch

Learning the Different Approaches to Harness Microbes to Fix Nitrogen

1:50 pm N-Fix®: A plant growth promoting biofertilizer with consistent performance in the field

2:15 pm Redesigning Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Cereal Crops

  • Kent Wood Director, Plant Biology, Pivot Bio


• Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) by plant-associated microbes can provide a sustainable and efficient source of nitrogen for crop plants;
however, high levels of nitrogen fertilizer in agricultural soils has resulted in the repression of BNF
• Pivot Bio have remodelled the regulatory nodes that repress nitrogen fixation to restore BNF in root-associated diazotrophs
• Fine-tuning the genetic regulation of BNF has resulted in strains able to fix nitrogen to cereal crops under fertilized conditions

2:40 pm Nitrogen Fixation & Biostimulation Utilizing Microorganisms


• Microbial selection
• Performance criteria, stability and delivery
• Field trial data generation and analysis

3:05 pm Exhibition Break

Looking Beyond Microbials: What Other AgBiological Products Are Out There?

3:35 pm At the Tip of the SPEAR® – Peptides Transforming Crop Protection


History of the development of SPEAR®. Experience in early commercialization. Pipeline of analogously transformative products.

4:00 pm Beneficial nematodes: A sustainable alternative to control insect pests

  • Diana Londoño Manager, Global Technical Bio-Insecticides and 3rd Party Technologies , BASF


• What are beneficial nematodes?
• What are their mode of action?
• What future opportunities are there?

4:25 pm End of Day Two